Hold Fast

by Joe Frey

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released September 2, 2016

Produced by Joel Rousseau in Nashville, TN
Mixed by Marcelo Pennell

Joel Rousseau | Electric Guitars, BGV's, Bass, Programming
Andrew Picha | Drums
Joe Frey | Vocals, BVG's, Acoustic



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Joe Frey Bennington, Vermont

Joe Frey is a singer/songwriter from Southern Vermont who has an infectious love for Jesus.

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Track Name: Restore My Soul
I have laid down
Every burden
At Your feet, Lord
At Your feet, Lord

You will lead me
For Your name’s sake
On Your path, Lord
On Your path, Lord

As I walk now
Through the shadow of the valley
I will fear not
For it is You that holds my heart
Through I am weary
You will not forsake me
You restore my soul
You restore my soul

You will rescue
All the broken
By Your blood, Lord
By Your blood, Lord

And You give us
Strength unending
It’s Your cross, Lord
It’s Your cross, Lord

I will dwell in the house of the Lord
I will live in your mercy, in Your goodness
All my days in the house of the Lord
All my days in your mercy, in Your goodness
All my days
All my days
All my days
Track Name: Your Love Won't Be Denied
Verse 1:
The brilliance of Your holiness
Cannot be dimmed or be eclipsed
The grip of fear, the weight of sin
Cannot withstand, cannot contend

Pre Chorus:
You break through every stronghold

To Your heart, to Your heart You draw me
At the cross, at the cross You bought me
And brought me out of darkness into light
(Your love, Your love)
Never stopped, never stopped pursuing
You never stopped pursuing me
Your love won’t be denied
Your love won’t be denied

Verse 2:
Your spirit lives inside of us
A living Hope that won’t be crushed
No weapon formed can penetrate
The mighty fortress of Your grace

You breakthrough every stronghold
Every stronghold You breakthrough
Track Name: Whisper To My Heart
Verse 1:
You know that I struggle to see
Your hand in the chaos but God I believe
You're closer than I even know
Your arms wrap around me, You pull me in close

Whisper to my heart
Remind me who I am
And who You are

You are the God
Who’s word brings life from death
You spread out the stars
with just one breathe
Please whisper to my heart

Verse 2:
I thought You would roar like a fire
Loud like an earthquake to shake my desires
But Father the sound of Your voice
Is constant and quiet beneath all the noise
Still You softly
Track Name: Faithful
Verse 1:
Lord I’m giving You my life forever
And You’ve promised me we’d be together
Throughout every trial and every turn
But as I look into the world around me
I see it crumble to the ground
we need You now, we wait for Your return

Pre Chorus:
Give me peace amidst the storm

For You are faithful
You are faithful
Even on my darkest day
Even When I’ve lost my way
You are faithful
You are faithful
You have promised in Your word
And I know that You will always be

Verse 2:
Lord Your love is deep and so far reaching
It’s the reason that my heart’s still beating
It resonates and waits to be made whole

Pre Chorus:
Give me peace amidst the storm

Your promises are true
Oh God we look to You
You’re faithful through and through
Oh God we look to You
Oh God we look to You
Track Name: Hold Fast
Verse 1:
Raging seas
We fight for every weary breath we breathe
With every struggle comes a victory
‘Cause You are here for us

Rushing winds
Cascading through the rooms we tried to hide
And through the darkest nights we come alive
And You are here for us

You are the anchor
You are the anchor
We will hold fast to You
Hold fast to You
You are the anchor
You are the anchor
With Your hope in our hearts
We hold fast to You

Verse 2:
Boundless Love
We’re staggered by the works that You have done
We’ve seen You part the seas and stop the sun
And You are here for us

Your grace abounds
Surging like an open ocean roars
Overflowing from our hearts and we want more
And You are here for us

We will not be shaken
We will not be moved
Through the waves and the wind
We will hold on